25,000 m2 of greenery overlooking the sea

facing the coast of the Main Island and offering unparalleled views of the setting sun

hotel samaria Ile sainte marie Madagascar

Eight years later,

… it was the birth of our complex, built over time, mainly with the materials at hand and with the help of a small team of villagers still with us today

hotel samaria Ile sainte marie Madagascar

A philosophy of life

It is a choice of life and heart which has prompted us to establish ourselves here and live.
We found a quality of life that we do not believe we can find the way … space, unparalleled scenery , the quiet village life and our relationship with them.
Our business is to the village an important source of livelihoods, through the purchase of what they produce or fish (fish, fruit and vegetables, local building materials …), and by creating jobs in an area where economic activity is still minimal…

Participate in economic and social life of the village is naturally …

and gives us a sense of satisfaction … this report is one of the things that we like to share with visitors…

By the way, very close on the small beach below the restaurant you can also enjoy, day or night, the departure and the return of canoe for fishing. Some nights, the spectacle of tens or even hundreds of pirogues illuminating the ocean of their lanterns is particularly exciting … and you are in the front row…
Certain times of the year are devoted to observing the traditional rites of the island.

Lively and colourful, they alone are worth the trip and carry you to the heart of a completely different lifestyle that you have always known: “famadihana”, zebu celebrations in honor of the ancestors … traveller is always welcome…..

A little history:

In 2006, Peggy and Mark, a young métis couple from the island of Sainte Marie and Madagascar lover, accidentally discovered this place by the sea, unsuspected, hidden by vegetation.
About 25 000 m2 of greenery overlooking the sea, facing the coast of the Main Island and offering unparalleled views of the setting sun … mixture of sand and basaltic rocks with in the middle this natural pool, giving the place a palpable mineral power and a unique charm …

The thunderbolt is immediate, and the desire to move there and have it projects is irreparable … A monumental work is to be done, but the potential is infinite …

hotel samaria Ile sainte marie Madagascar

A true pride

The hotel opened in July 2014 was a real achievement, the fruit of almost ten years of work… More than just a business, it is a real human adventure:

The team are very few professionals who joined us at the opening . We decided to form our team of villagers who had performed the work with us.

From gardeners, labourers, carpenters … they then became waiters, bartenders, sailor, chauffeur, cook …

Although we have always lived here, learning ability and adaptation of Saint- Mariens , their desire to do well and their constant good humour blew us away once again.